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Web Media

Malted/Media web production develops the major media formats for your audio or video.

Production for the web is a relatively straightforward process -- if you have the conversion tools, the experience to use them for good results, the upload tools, the web space, and the server configuration. Well, maybe it isn't relatively straightforward if you don't do it every day.

Here at Malted/Media, we do it every day. We were one of the granddaddies of web audio, producing a radio show that was the first online with new music in the United States. We continue that today with the latest versions of all our software for clear, crisp, and inviting results.

We can take your original recording, or one we have done for you, and prepare it for web streaming. We can not only produce the files, but we can also provide the next step: a web site with your own domain name, graphics, and all the music you want to have the world hear.

Once the material is up and ready, you can also call on us to maintain your website and keep the sound new and fresh, updating your music and providing new formats as they become available.

We can place your recordings on line in any format, in speeds from dialup through broadband.

Please read on to learn about our web media creations, or jump right to our fee schedule for new and Vermont clients.

Available: Classes, seminars, and lessons in creating effective web media. Please contact us.

You can find examples of our web media on this site's pages throughout (in the live recording, restoration, remastering, etc., sections) or on the following websites:

Contact us: Contact Form

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