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Remastering is like restoration, but with production in mind.

The original materials -- or as close as can be obtained, as master tapes are often long lost -- are copied into digital format, and each track is "undone". Most recordings were produced for LPs, and LP sound required limiting the bass and hotting up the treble. That's a simplification, but it means that what worked on LPs doesn't work on CD. Early CDs sounded harsh because they used direct copies of LP masters. It didn't work.

We will review your material with you, clean it up, re-equalize it, and use our body of mastering tools to give you a new, CD-ready result.

If you have a shelf full of tapes waiting to escape the analog realm, remastering is how you can get on the way!

Please read on to learn about our remastering and production packages, or jump right to our fee schedule for new and Vermont clients.

Remastering Packages

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