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Post-Concert Production

A raw recording is like raw vegetables -- exciting and tasty, but still crude. It needs post-concert production work.

Chances are you won't need to know anything about this process. We remove extraneous coughs and candy wrappers where it's possible, reduce constant room hum or air conditioning noise, and even replace the occasional clinker of a note with a good one from somewhere else. We drop all the waiting and tuning, and start each track at the first note. We space movements or songs or musical pieces with the right amount of room ambience, and fade out the applause.

What you get is what you remember -- the music.

But it's likely that you'll want more than a simple concert document. Perhaps two concerts have to be melded into one. Maybe you've chosen our location recording option instead of a live concert, and we have to sit down together to work all those dozens of takes into a smooth result.

Whatever you choose, we can do it in our studio. So read on to find out more about our hardware and software, or move on to our CD production information or straight to our package fees.

Available: Classes, seminars, and lessons in the techniques of post-concert production. Please contact us.

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