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Malted/Media Productions

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Original Music & Arrangements

Original music, custom arrangements, transcriptions, film/video cues, and recordings are available.

You can arrange for composing and arranging music for live events, soundtracks, videos, and unique activities. We work in traditional orchestral and chamber styles, and folk-, pop-, and jazz-influenced music. We can create arrangements in diverse styles, and call in other arrangers for specific popular techniques.

We can provide original music using sampled instruments, hire performers, or provide you with finished scores.

Is your score in pen or pencil? We can transfer it to beautiful score output. Have a look at some of these.

Malted/Media's lead composer, Dennis Báthory-Kitsz, has written nearly 1100 pieces of music, with hundreds of commissions and requests.

For more information, to discuss your needs, or for a quote, please contact us.

Available: Classes, seminars, and lessons in composition & arranging, as well as in Finale software. Please contact us.

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