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Malted/Media Productions

Michael Arnowitt
David Dramm
Godfried-Willem Raes
Montpelier Chamber Orchestra Society
Loons in the Monastery
Jin Hi Kim
Mary Lou Newmark
Sounding Joy!
Joseph Benzola
Styx-Q/VIP Positive Quartet
Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble
Plasm over ocean at WTC
Steven Klimowski
Dashuki Music Theatre

Live & Location Recording

We record your concerts and turn them into beautiful final products.

We begin by talking with you about the kind of concert you are presenting -- number of performers, voices and instruments, type of hall (and we know most of the halls in Vermont!), length of music, and dynamic range of material.

Next, we learn what you want. Is this a concert 'document' for you and your performers? Is this to be submitted for broadcast or to a competition? Will you be selling the final result? Do you hope to put the music on line for download?

Once we know what you need, we'll recommend a way to record it. Surprises aren't good, so if you have horns and a drummer for one piece on an otherwise all-vocal concert, we need to know! We might recommend a longer pre-concert sound check, just in case.

At the concert we'll do our best to keep out of the way and out of sight. Yes, you will usually see our microphones, so if you're presenting a stage show or an opera, we need to know so we can hang them. If you have an in-house recording system for such occasions, let us know; we might find it useful.

Finally, we encourage you to make your performers and, if possible, your audience aware that the concert is being recorded. For a documentary recording, it usually doesn't matter. But for anything that is to go out to a wider public, those loudly turned pages, conductor comments to the performers, unsuppressed coughs, and screaming children can ruin the result. You'll grimace when you know that clearly recorded sneeze is coming!

Please read on to learn more about what happens after we record your concert, to learn about our recording and production packages, or to review our fee schedule for new and Vermont clients.

Selected List of Performers Recorded

Sydney Allrud (voice)
All Saints Episcopal Church Choir
Jane Ambrose (flute)
Beth Anderson (voice)
Kathy Andrew (violin)
Ardesia Trio
Michael Arnowitt (piano)
Arnowitt/Holocaust Concert (chamber)
Arioso Ensemble
Mary Jane Austin (piano)

Bach/Arnowitt St. Matthew Passion
Bach/Harrison St. Matthew Passion
Amanda Baker (flute)
Barre Choraleers
Baroque Court (vocal)
Gary Barwin (keyboard)
Anita Beckmann (piano)
Eve Beglarian (voice)
Bel Canto Chamber Singers
Belles and Beaux Chorus
Joseph Benzola (percussion)
Susan Bettmann (cello)
Gregory Beyer (berimbau)
Claire Black (piano)
Hannah Blackmer (tuba/voice)
Robert Paul Blais (cello/conductor)
Steve Blodgett (singer/songwriter)
James Bohn (toy piano)
Andrew Bolotowsky (flute)
Jane Boxall (percussion)
Karen Bressett (clarinet)
Lillian Bailey-Broderick (voice)
Peter Brown (cello)
Wendy Burgbacher (flute)
Burlington Civic Symphony
Lydia Busler-Blais (horn)
Kathi Byer (flute)

Andrea Cale (horn)
Claudio Calmens (guitar)
Sylvia Cannizzaro (oboe)
Marley Carlomagno (voice)
Nadine Carpenter (oboe)
Lisa Carlson (flute)
Tom Cate (clarinet)
Sandra Cathey (oboe)
Joseph Celli (double reeds)
Central Vermont Brass Quintet
Maja Cerar (violin)
Alison Cerutti (piano)
Deborah Chaffee (piano)
Jean Chaine (electric bass)
Charpentier/Gordon Mass
Chiara Quartet
Roland Clark (violin)
Tom Cleary (piano) 
William Cleary (voice/keyboard)
Michael Close (cello)
Paul Cohen (cello)
Counterpoint Chorus
Jovianney Emmanuel Cruz (piano)
Tim Cutler (violin)

Michael Danielski (cello)
Moniek Darge (contemporary)
Dashuki Music Theatre (contemporary)
Nathan Davis (percussion)
Charles Derby (voice)
Dieuwka Davidov (cello)
Delaware Valley Festivals of the Avant-Garde
David Del Tredici (piano)
The Devil's Advocates (rock band)
Elizabeth Diette (flute)
Michael Downs (voice)
DownTown Ensemble (contemporary)
Marjorie Drysdale (voice/flute)
Stuart Duke (voice)
John Dunlop (cello)
Duo Harpverk

Zon Eastes (cello)
Kathy Eddy (piano)
Eddy Cry of the Wild Goose (chorus/ensemble)
Eleva Chamber Ensemble (string orchestra)
Mary Elizabeth (conductor)
Rachael Elliott (bassoon)
Paula Ennis-Dwyer (piano)
Ensemble Loch Duck (radio theatre)
Pamela Everett (flute)

John Kameel Farah (piano)
Jesse Feinberg (piano)
Roy Feldman (viola)
Mark Fewer (violin)
Liz Fitzgerald (voice)
Joyce Flanagan (piano)
Lydia Forbes (violin)
49th Parallel Festival (chamber)
Berta Frank (flute)
Andrée Frazier (voice)
Lori Joachim Fredrics (voice)
Freelance Family Singers
French Toast With Mike (folk)
Claudia Friedlander (clarinet)
Frontier Saxophone Quartet
James Fulkerson (trombone)
Fyre & Lightning Consort

Paul Gambill (conductor)
Kyle Gann (keyboards)
Margaret Gay (cello)
Michael Jay Geier (piano)
Thomas Geoghegan (guitar)
David Gibson (piano)
Keith & Martha Gibson (voice)
Bill Gilliam (keyboards)
Richard Giroux (keyboards)
Gloop Nox & the Stik People (rock band)
Daniel Goode (clarinet)
David Goodman (clarinet)
Daniel Gordon (saxophone)
Gracie's Improv (contemporary)
Green Mountain Crossing (chorus)
Green Mountain Micro (teaching tapes)
Green Mountain Youth Symphony
Ann Greenawalt (oboe)
Beth Griffith (voice)
Larry Grover (piano)
Il Gruppo Nuke Jitters (contemporary)
Karen Gude (bass)
Guilford Festival Orchestra
David Gunn (piano/percussion)
David Gusakov (violin)
Susanna Guthmann (piano)

Gayle Hanson (voice)
Paula Harnois (voice)
Andrew Harrington (singer/songwriter)
William Harris (piano)
Jay Hartley (bassoon)
Tom Heasley (tuba)
Linda Hecker (viola)
Zeke Hecker (oboe)
Heliand Trio
Heritage Brass Quintet
Hickory Ridge Trio (chamber)
Fred Ho (saxophone)
Brenda Hutchinson (long tubes)

The Ill Wind Ensemble (percussion)

Lisa Jablow (voice/conductor)
Pierre Jalbert (piano)
Peggy James (violin)
Brian Johnson (percussion)
David Jerome Johnson (flute)
Kimo Johnson (electric guitar)
Mary Lou Johnson (voice)
Thomas Jones (voice)
Robert Karan (saxophone)
Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar (radio)
Kaxpiksu Festival (multiple ensembles)
Linda Kay (voice)
Rip Keller (piano)
Karen Kevra (flute)
Kevra/Huling Duo (flute/piano)
Ha-Yang Kim (cello)
Jin Hi Kim (komungo)
Melissa Kiser (organ)
Chris Kleeman (voice/guitar)
Diahann Klein (clarinet)
Susan Klein (piano)
Bonnie Thurber Klimowski (cello)
Steven Klimowski (clarinet)
Phil Kline (contemporary)
Thurmond Knight (cello)
Debbi Kotler (voice/guitar)
Drew Krause (piano)
Ed Kuklowsky (piano)

Margaret Lancaster (flute)
Jacob Lane (piano)
Maria Lattimore (horn)
Elodie Lauten (keyboards)
Lisa LaVoie (clarinet)
Edwin Lawrence (piano)
Mary Jane Leach (voice)
Elizabeth Lemaire (piano)
John Levin (percussion)
Libana (chorus)
Ellen Lindquist (piano)
Ano Lobb (piano)
Löbötömie Percussion Ensemble
Logos Duo (contemporary)
Michael Lowenstern (clarinet)
Beth Lucan (voice)
Eric Lyon (electronics)

Jackson Mac Low (poet)
Robert Macey (viola)
Priscilla Magdamo (voice)
Carol Magenau (voice)
Magyar Muzsika (chorus)
Raymond Karl Malone (violin/viola)
Manchester Pro Musica (chorus)
Michael Manion (percussion)
Masahiro Miwa (electronics)
Michael Manion (percussion)
Jackie Martelle (flute)
Peter Matthews (guitar)
Laurel Ann Maurer (flute)
Diane McCarthy (singer/songwriter)
Elizabeth McCrae (piano)
Ned McGowan (flute)
William McKim (piano)
Evelyn McLean (voice)
Blair McMillen (piano)
Christina Mendenhall (piano)
Mercer County Library (multimedia audio)
Charlie Messing (voice/guitar)
Elizabeth Metcalfe (piano)
Micromastodons (rock band)
Mistral (chorus)
Modern Brass Sextet
Linda Moerdyk (bassoon)
Samantha Moffat (hammerdulcimer)
Montpelier Cello Studio
Montpelier Chamber Orchestra
Montpelier Horn Choir
Montpelier Unitarian/Universalist Choir
Martha Mooke (electric viola)
Virgilio Mori (viola)
David Moss (voice)
Blanche Moyse Chorale
Gordon Myers Musicians (chorus)

David Neiweem (voice)
Erik Nielsen Chorus
Mark Nelson (tuba)
The New Art Quartet (jazz)
New England Schola Antiqua (chorus)
New Jersey State Museum concerts
New Leaf Ensemble (chamber)
Mary Lou Newmark (electric violin)
Nil Conscire Sibi (vocal)
Nil Conscire Sibi Antiqua (chamber)
Bern Nix (guitar)
Lara Noble (voice/guitar)
NonSequitur (contemporary)
Earl North (bassoon)
North Wind Ensemble (winds)
Northern Harmony (chorus)
Northfield High School Band
Northfield Women's Club (renaissance ensemble)
Norwich University Regimental Band
Norwich University Chorus
Norwich University Jazz Ensemble
Ellen Nuffer (voice)

Odd Appetite (contemporary)
Dante Oei (piano)
Alex Ogle (flute)
Olduvai (jazz)
Pauline Oliveros (contemporary)
Onion River Chorus
Marco Oppedisano (guitar)
Paul Orgel (piano)
Catherine Orr (conductor)
Otter Valley Chorale
Ought-One Festival of NonPop (37 concerts)
Steve Owens (flute)

Trecia Pallman (voice)
Nat Parke (cello)
Sylvia Parker (piano)
Carla Parodi (oboe)
Alan Parshley (horn)
Paseri Trio
Robert Paterson (marimba)
Joe Pepper (piano)
Yvette Perez (keyboard/vocal)
Doug Perkins (percussion)
John Perry (bassoon)
Tom Peters (double bass)
Beatrice Phillips (piano)
Phylum Chordata (chamber)
Jane Pincus (voice)
Vita Pisciotta (voice)
Plainfield Village Gamelan
Larry Polansky (electric guitar)
Lois Price (flute)
Princeton Poetry Collective

Linda Radtke (voice)
Godfried-Willem Raes (contemporary)
Ravi Rajan (conductor)
Randolph Singers
Joanne Raymond (voice)
Evelyn Read (violin)
Thomas L. Read (violin)
Elizabeth Reid (viola)
Susan Reid (voice)
Revere Handbell Choir
David Rivinus (voice)
Dorothy Robson (piano)
Rode Pomp Ensemble
Rode Pomp String Quartet
Jessica Roemischer (piano)
Carol Rogers (flute)
Stephanie Rogers (piano)
Eric Ross (Theremin)
Roxbury Union Congregational Church Choir
Roxbury Village School
Mertina Rudie (piano)
Kerry Ryer (voice)
Rylands-Isaacson Players (chamber)
Frederic Rzewski (piano)

Sage City Symphony
Eleonor Sandresky (piano)
Dov Schiller (percussion)
Judith Scott Dance Company (percussion)
Marilynn Seits (percussion)
Peter Shackleton (clarinet)
Matthew D. Sheahan (voice)
Paul Silver (clarinet)
The Sine Nomine Chorale
Tom Singer (voice)
Jessica Smith (piano)
Marcia Snook (voice)
Sounding Joy! (chorus)
Robert Starner (saxophone)
State House Historic District (interviews)
Charlotte Stetson (flute)
David Stewart (electric guitar)
Don Stewart (clarinet)
Chris Stork (violin)
Elizabeth Stoyanovich (oboe)
Patrick Stoyanovich (piano)
Steven Stusek (saxophone)
Taimur Sullivan (saxophone)
Styx-Q/VIP Positive String Quartet

Su Lian Tan/Middlebury (flute and Gimpel the Fool opera)
Suzanne Tall (voice)
Carolyn Taylor-Olson (voice)
Felix Thor (singer/songwriter)
Phil Thorne (marimba)
David van Tieghem (percussion)
Nurit Tilles (piano)
Trans-Media (multiple ensembles)
Trenton Tuba Ensemble
John Van Zelm Trubee Jr. (voice/guitar)
Trenton State College Singers
Danny Tunick (percussion)
Scott MX Turner (voice/guitar)
Two Old Crows (voices)

Nathaniel Udell (viola)
University of Vermont Chamber Singers
University of Vermont Concert Choir
University of Vermont Brass Quintet
University of Vermont Symposium Orchestra
University of Vermont Women's Chorus

Ensemble VCX
Michael Veitch (voice/guitar)
Vermont Choral Union
Vermont Composers Festivals
Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble
Vermont Philharmonic Orchestra
Vermont Public Radio Speaking Personal (series)
Vermont Symphonic Winds
Vermont Symphony Orchestra
Vermont Virtuosi
Vermont Youth Orchestra

Marlene Walt (voice)
Warebrook Contemporary Music Festival
David Weaver (voice)
Georgeann Weaver (piano)
Sheila Weaver (clarinet)
Batya Weinbaum (piano)
Barbara Wellspring (piano)
Gail Whitehouse (voice)
Shannon Williams (slam poetry)
Windham Orchestra
Ensemble Wireworks
Judith Wright (oboe)
David Wysocki (bass)

Lucy Yates (voice)
Lauren Yeiser (bassoon)

Zobus (rock band)

Selected List of Field-Recorded Interviews

Michel van der Aa
Susie Allen
Jeff Alu
Maria de Alvear
Charles Amirkhanian
Beth Anderson
Laurie Anderson
Martin Arnold

Christine Baczewska
Jacques Bailhé
Clarence Barlow
Gary Barwin
Marc Battier
Eve Beglarian
David Behrmann
Barbara Benary
Joseph Benzola
Peter Beyls
Henning Berg
Guy de Bièvre
Cindy Lubar Bishop
Jacqueline Bobak
Michael Boriskin
Hannah Bosma
Chris Brown
Boudewijn Buckinx
Tom Buckner
Warren Burt

Allison Cameron
Cory Carlick
Antonio Celaya
Joseph Celli
Nicholas Francis Chase
Rhys Chatham
Charles Coleman
Nicolas Collins
Robin Cox
Conrad Cummings

Moniek Darge
David Del Tredici
David Denniston
Nancy Bloomer Deussen
Jody Diamond
Ernesto Diaz-Infante
Gary DiBenedetto
Nick Didkovsky
Emily Doolittle
David Dramm
Judy Dunaway
Andrew Durkin

Jason Eckardt

Peter Flint
Martin Fumarola

Guillermo Galindo
Peter Garland
Doug Geers
Jerry Gerber
Bill Gilliam
Peter Girard
Vinny Golia
Daniel Goode
Particia Goodson
Bruce Gremo
Mark Gustavson

Daron Hagen
Tom Hamilton
Jeff Harrington
Christos Hatzis
Dietmar Hippler
Margriet Hoenderdos
Wayne Horvitz

Scott Johnson

Udo Kasemets
Stephen Kent
Carson Kievman
Kyoko Kobayashi
Christopher Koenigsberg
Johan van Kreij
Yannis Kyriakides

Joan La Barbara
Anne La Berge
Margaret Lancaster
Vanessa Lann
Elodie Lauten
Mary Jane Leach
Jenny Lin
Anton Lukoszevieze

Michael Manion
Al Margolis
Benedict Mason
Elma Mayer
John McGuire
Elma Miller
Christopher Milmerstadt
Masahiro Miwa
Martha Mooke
Beata Moon
Dennis Murphy

Dante Oei
Mary Oliver
John Oswald
Frank Oteri
Terry Winter Owens

Martijn Padding
Stephen Parkinson
Maggi Payne
Sarah Peebles
Robert H.P. Platz
Larry Polansky
André Posman

Eliane Radigue
Godfried-Willem Raes
Brian Reinbolt
Doug Repetto
Belinda Reynolds
Johnny Reinhard
Mary Lee Roberts
Neil Rolnick
David Rosenboom
Eric Ross
Frederic Rzewski

Kaija Saariaho
Michael Sahl
Eric Salzman
Arthur Sauer
Phillip Silver
Linda Catlin Smith
Ann Southam
Laurie Spiegel
David Stevens
Steve Stusek

James Tenney
Richard Tolenaar
Michael Torke
Mark Trayle
John Trubee
Calliope Tsoupaki

Peter Van Riper
Andrew Violette
Rob Voisey
Martijn Voorvelt
Samuel Vriezen

Gregg Wager
Gwyneth Walker
Dan Weymouth
Erling Wold
Brian Woodbury
Randall Woolf

George Zelenz
Peter Zummo
Richard Zvonar

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