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Demos, Scores, & Samples

Today, few composers can present themselves without beautifully crafted scores and effective demonstration recordings.

Here at Malted/Media, we can create scores from your manuscripts, complete with parts and conductors notes. We can create film cues as well as a full set of cues and alternate scorings. We can extract chord symbols and make up charts and "fake book" style sheets.

From your MIDI file, we can produce a score that is idiomatic for instrumental players and voices, and orchestrate it fully for your ensemble. We can transcribe your tapes, if all you have at hand is a voice, a piano, or a guitar.

Whatever format you give us your music in, we can make a performance score for you.

And that's not all. From your scores, we can produce a vividly realistic MIDI experience that rivals an acoustic performance. You can use this recording as a finished product, or as an effective rehearsal tool for conductors and performers.

If you are already a musician using electronic samples, Sound Fonts, or other sounds, we can create a library of your own sounds for you, or extract them from your source.

Please read on to learn about our services for composers and arrangers, or jump right to our fee schedule for new and Vermont clients.

Available: Classes, seminars, and lessons in creating demos with Finale, Sonar, and other software tools. Please contact us.

Services for Composers and Arrangers

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