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Malted/Media Productions

Abraham Kaplan Glorious
Gilles Yves Bonneau Memorial CD
Montpelier Chamber Orchestra Society Post-Concert CD
Montpelier Chamber Orchestra Society Post-Concert CD
The Blonde Donna Demo CD
Hardtack and Homespun CD
Roxbury Church Choir 2-CD Set
Cold Stones Private CD
New Music 1999-2000 CD
Mirrored Birds Post-Concert CD
Shannon Williams Born Again CD
Sounding Joy! Post-Concert CD
Zonule Glaes II CD
Etronalia CD
Voices Past CD
Overstuffed CD
Chamber Bowling I CD
Symphons CD
Cold Stones CD
Chamber Bowling II CD
Learning the 6809 Restored Tape Series on CD
Killer Sings Restored Electronic Music on CD
MP3 Collection on Data CD
Illegal Loops Private CD
Symphony No. 4 Demo CD
Detritus of Mating Commercial CD
Why Mess with a Good Thing Commercial Cassette
Suffering by Comparison Commercial Cassette
Lucid Nightmares Private Cassette
French Toast with Mike Commercial Cassette
Sydney Allrud Post-Concert Cassette
Honor to the Hills Commercial Cassette

CD Production

Malted/Media CD creation options begin at small runs of 20 pieces, include development of online recordings (such as SoundCloud, ReverbNation, etc.), and encompass full commercial productions.

We record your concerts and turn them into beautiful final products.

Once we have your recording in hand and mastered to your taste, we will sit with you to decide how it should look.

If it is a 'document' of the concert, mostly for you and your performers, do you want blank CDs in envelopes? Do you need a timing card? Would you like your concert program notes and graphics re-worked into a booklet?

If this recording is for limited distribution, would you like a complete CD with label, booklet, tray card, and jewel box? Professionally designed, with original program notes? A small number of CDs can be made with individually printed or photocopied inserts.

For professional distribution, you'll want handsome graphics designed to exact production printing specifications, as well as a barcode, and shrinkwrapped cases. You might like us to look into distribution for you.

Finally, you will probably be interested in web distribution. We can prepare the sound files and upload them to a public site, or develop and maintain your own website with a domain name.

Malted/Media has its own CD label, and would be pleased to talk with you about releasing your recording.

Please read on to learn about our recording and production packages, or jump right to our fee schedule for new and Vermont clients.

Available: Classes and seminars in creating CDs and writing notes. Please contact us.

Economy Self-Duplication Package

Small Run Package

Production Package

All live recording packages require 15-minute pre-concert sound check before house opens, AC power within 50 feet, 50% deposit before departure, recording credit to Malted/Media Productions with web link, and mileage charge door-to-door. You are responsible for all performer contracts, mechanical royalties, etc. Photography is not included.

You are provided with an audition minidisc at the close of the concert, to help you decide if the concert was satisfactory for further work. If, after recording but before editing is begun, you decide against moving ahead with your project, there is a kill fe, plus mileage and any special costs incurred. Concert sessions canceled before departure are subject to a smaller kill fee; sessions canceled after arrival forfeit deposit.

Location Recording Package, per diem additional

Additional services

Our Pricing for New and Vermont Clients

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