The Middle-Aged Hiker

Grand Canyon Panorama

Warnings          Fictions
Whimperings      Fantasies
Whinings        Fatuations
&                    &
Wonderments        Fumings

· true tales & not ·
· mostly from the Grand Canyon ·
· plus sort of a guidebook for the timid ·


Dennis Báthory-Kitsz
David Gunn

Note: In July 2002, AOL's hometown websites self-destructed and took this book with it. It's now being restored to, with some new formatting.

This is the entry page for The Middle-Aged Hiker. It is a full-length book, including photographs and audio clips in TrueSpeech format. You are welcome to download and enjoy this entire book, which is presented chapter by chapter on these 45 web pages -- approximately 2 megabytes of sight and sound. In print, it occupies nearly 400 pages (though it is not yet publicly available in that form).

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